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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Original illustration by Daria Schmitt

Original illustration by Daria Schmitt

For Sale

3,800.00 Euros


Alice is bored with her sister who reads a book ("without images, nor dialogues") whereas she does nothing. "What's the use a book without images, or dialogues?", wonders Alice. But now a white rabbit with the pink eyes dressed in a fitted coat with a watch with fob to tidy up pass near her there by running. It does not amaze him not in the least. Nevertheless, when she sees him taking out a watch of her pocket and exclaiming: "I am late! Late! Late!", she says to himself that undoubtedly this rabbit has something special. By entering behind him her den, she has an almost endless fall which takes him in a world to the antipodes of his. She is going to meet a gallery of sly characters and to be confronted with the paradox, with the absurd and with the strange …






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