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Ciro TOTA is the Fabulous drawer of many famous comic series in France. Among those, we can notice: Photonik, Blek, Aquablue, Fuzz and Fizzby, TROY conquerors… Ciro TOTA 's Art is “rarissime” for sale. His style between movement and poetics of inking is very fine and gracious.

Upon his arrival in France, he uses his talents as a designer to communicate. He began by working in the studio as well as on a few episodes of Blek, before directing the adventures of a superhero named Photonik, for which he assumed scenarios and drawings. The series marked a whole generation of readers and a reissue appeared in 1999. After 50 episodes of Photonik and a number of covers, he stopped working with Semic. He will then join forces with Thierry Cailleteau to create the adventures of Fuzz and Fizzby and take over the adventures of the heroes of Aquablue, not only for the parallel series called Étoile blanche, but also from the fifth volume of the first cycle, thus succeeding Olivier Vatine.

Beyond the originals on display, we can reserve the plate of your choice from the artist's work for you, subject to a very limited number of sales per calendar year.

NB: Ciro TOTA is very attached to his work, so some boards will not be available regardless of the price offered.


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Original comic art 26 for LES CONQUERANTS DE TROY issue 1 by Ciro TOTA

Original comic art 26 for LES CONQUERANTS DE TROY issue 1 by Ciro TOTA

For Sale

1,000.00 Euros



Birth : 1954-10-29
Country : France