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Born in the smallest city of the world, Durbuy, Philippe LIEGEOIS - TURK - began his career with the Brussels-based lettering studio of the publishing house Dupuis at the age of 16. He eventually began a longtime cooperation with Bob De Groot. Turk started out assisting De Groot on '4 x 8 = 32, L'Espion Caméléon', a series published in Pilote and written by Fred in 1968. That same year, they created 'Archimède' in the mini-books section of Spirou magazine.

They joined Tintin in 1969, and began their first big series, 'Robin Dubois'. It became one of their best known creations that was collected in book format by Lombard and Dargaud between 1979 and 1998.  In the early stages of their collaboration, Turk and De Groot cooperated on both artwork and scenario. But eventually, De Groot took on most of the writing duties, while Turk focused on the artwork.

In 1970, they took over the 'Clifton' series from Jo-El Azara. Turk continued the series, that was originally created by Raymond Macherot, with De Groot until 1984. In addition, Turk drew the backgrounds of 'Le Club des Peur-de-Rien' for Tibet in Chez Nous Junior from 1972 to 1976. He also cooperated with Dupa and Greg on 'Alice au Pays des Merveilles', that was published by Lombard in 1973.

Turk drew various gag series for several magazines, such as 'Roro' in Junior and 'Buzz et Toby' in Le Soir. In 1975, Turk and De Groot created their second big series, 'Léonard', in Achille Talon Magazine. This comic spoof on Leonardo da Vinci also became very popular in The Netherlands through its publication in Dutch comic magazines Pep and Eppo. In France, the series was also published in Pif and in book format by Dargaud, Appro and Le Lombard since 1977.

Between 2007 and 2009 he worked with Clarke on another humorous series for Lombard, 'Docteur Bonheur', while he also supervised the new gags starring 'Robin Dubois' drawn by Ludo Borecki and Miguel Díaz Vizoso.






Birth : 1947-07-08
Country : Belgium