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SOKAL Benoît

Like many comic artists of his generation, Benoît SOKAL took lessons in making comics from Claude Renard at the Saint-Luc in Brussels. During this period, he made several realistic comics for Le 9e Rêve. He started working for À Suivre in 1978, creating more humorous comics and characters. With his duck detective 'Canardo', Sokal proved to be a modern Edmond-François Calvo. The funny animal comic became one of À Suivre's and the publishing house Casterman's most popular series.

In addition to 'Canardo', Sokal produced the realistic historical comic 'Sanguine' in 1987, also for À Suivre. He teamed up with François Rivière to create the police fiction 'Silence, on Tue!' for the publishing house Nathan in 1990. Five years later, he came up with another realistic comic for À Suivre, called 'Le Vieil Homme qui n'Écrivait Plus'.

By the late 1990s, Sokal handed (part of) the artwork of 'Canardo' to Pascal Regnauld to pursue a career in the games industry. He worked on videogames for fifteen years, participating on the graphics of projects like 'L'Amerzone' (1998). He remained active as a scriptwriter for series like 'Paradise' with art by Brice Bingono (Casterman, 2005-2008) before returning as an artist with the 'Kraa' trilogy in 2010.

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Original comic art 20 from Kraa Issue 3 by SOKAL

Original comic art 20 from Kraa Issue 3 by SOKAL

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SOKAL Benoît

SOKAL Benoît

Birth : 1954-06-28
Death : 2021-05-28
Country : Belgium