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JIJE was one of the great Belgian comic artists - along with Hergé, E.P. Jacobs, and Franquin. Thanks to him, many talented artists got their careers going, like Franquin, Peyo, Morris and Giraud. Jijé's style was esthetic and beautiful and most of all, very realistic. But he was a humorist as well, and a painter, and also the founder of the Marcinelle School which pitted itself against the Hergean (Bruxelles) School. He was the driving force behind Spirou magazine during World War II, and the creator of such classic series as 'Jean Valhardi', 'Jerry Spring', and 'Blondin et Cirage'. He also successfully continued series created by others, such as 'Tanguy et Laverdure' and 'Barbe-Rouge'.

In 1964-65, he worked with his student Herbert and scriptwriter Charles Jadoul on the first two episodes of 'Docteur Gladstone' in Spirou. A year, later, he took over the artwork of the adventurous aviation series 'Tanguy & Laverdure' from Albert Uderzo, published in Pilote and later Tintin and Super-As (scripts by Jean-Michel Charlier).

Gillain returned to a more caricatural style for 'Les Enquêtes du Commissaire Major' in La Voix du Nord (scripts by Jean-Paul Rouland and Pierre Bellemare, 1971-73) and 'Que Barbaridad!' in the Spirou supplement Le Trombone Illustré (1977). In 1979, he took over later 'Barbe-Rouge' from Hubinon, assisted by his son Laurent Gillain (Lorg). Joseph Gillain died in Versailles in June 1980, while working on new episodes of 'Tanguy et Laverdure' and 'Barbe-Rouge'. It was right at the time that his classic "Atom style" had regained popularity with a new generation of artists, including Yves Chaland and Ever Meulen.

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Original comic page 19 from Blanc Casque by JIJE

Original comic page 19 from Blanc Casque by JIJE

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JIJE Lauréat du Grand Prix d'Angoulême 1977

Birth : 1914-01-13
Death : 1980-06-20
Country : Belgium