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Johan de Moor began his career as a cartoonist after classes at the Institut St-Luc and La Cambre in Brussels. Son of Bob De Moor, he joined his father Studio Hergé in the early 80s where he developed from 1981 to 1986 the characters of "Quick and Flupke" created by the author of "Tintin" for animation. In 1988, his meeting with screenwriter Stephen Desberg will sign his graphic emancipation. Together, he creates "Gaspard of the Night" then the adventures of "The Cow" a curious bovine agent secret under the code name Pi 3,1416. First published in the pages of the monthly "A suivre","La Vache" 'll then be published in an album. In 2001, De Moor and Stephen Desberg take back "La Vache" through the two albums of "Lait entier". Johan de Moor is particularly recognized in Belgium for his press drawings. In June 2002, he won three prizes: the Brussels Flemish Community Prize, the Flemish Comic Artists Award, the Golden Pen Diploma, awarded by the 9th Art. In 2003, he published with Henri Reculé on a script by Stephen Desberg, "The last book of the jungle".
In 2014, Johan de Moor questions the readers with screenwriter Gilles Dal for the creation of "Coeur glacée".







Birth : 1953-10-17
Country : Belgium