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STERNIS Philippe

A very poetic man with great sensitivity, Philippe STERNIS marked illustration and particularly comic strips with touching works or nature, childhood, adolescence, initiation into life. Cartoonist and screenwriter, he has never published series but only stories in a single album because the search for depth and authenticity are the true roots of this author apart.

Apart from the magnificent PYRENEE produced with Régis LOISEL, we recommend his latest "solo" productions: ROBINSON, MOUCHE and to appear at the end of the year a thriller: LE CORBEAU...Yes, like a solitary bear in the depths of his den, I have been doing comics for a good thirty years..!

Yet when I was younger, I saw myself as a professional footballer, an English teacher or even a Guitar Hero!

But comics took me on the long river of its not very quiet creation... a journey marked by important collaborations with COTHIAS, CARRE and LOISEL without forgetting my independent albums like MOUCHE, ROBINSON and others to come.

STERNIS Philippe

STERNIS Philippe

Birth : 1952-09-30
Country : France