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Ainsi que le Lundi et Mardi sur rendez-vous
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Imagine... Imagine that pigs which speak meet you in the street. Imagine that the Beautiful and the Animal discuss marriage contracts with the deputy mayor. Imagine that the Big bad wolf Settles down as detective, were well established from now on. Here is the world of the Fables, such as we know him since the Last Castle fell in front of the conquering armies of the Opponent. A world where the heroes of the tales of our childhood took refuge, in a quiet but tense neighborhood, between the walls of Fableville. They live happy... Up to the death of Red Rosé. The sister of the latter, Snow White, finds the strength to surmount her sorrow that to entrust to Bigby, the wolf detective, asks her to clarify this murder. And to Fableville, the suspects are many: is it Blue Beard, with whom Rose Rouge publicly displayed for some time? Is it the Prince charming, impecunious gigolo? Is it still King Cole, ready for anything to maintain the order in Fableville? Either innocent and derisive Flycatcher? Definitely, the life is not a fairy tale...






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Dear masters of comic Art, Napoleon Gallery is the first "fair business" Gallery. To know more about the partnership we can propose to you, please contact us.

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