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Must we present the story, so poetically sad to Scum days, the most famous manuscript of Boris Vian? The plot is known. Colin, wealthy young idler, falls for the beautiful Chloe. Las. What should have been a joyous love story turn to tragedy because of a water lily misplaced villain. Both say right away, wanting to fit in picture this novel is a real challenge. All his strength is in effect in the rhythm of the words that make up the colorful imagination and the lexical inventiveness of the author causes. This is not so much dialogue, but especially the recitatives that open the way to an unreal universe as we recently saw in literature. So much so that very few have ventured to want to visually adjust. Charles Belmont in 1967 had done on film. With a cast including Jacques Perrin, Sami Frey and Marie-France Pisier, it was more or less out imposing a style and especially a very phrasing Saint-Germain des Prés at the time. Michel Gondry is currently working and many are eagerly awaiting the peculiar vision of the filmmaker on this work. In the album we are concerned, the authors or publisher, conducted a very particular choice. While the novel is imposed by the colors he lavished, the book is here entirely in black and white. Added to return to a much finer style and much drier than Marion Moss could offer us in its previous achievements, all seems to have retained the most bitter and sad side of the story. If fortunately many scenes affect us by their graphic accuracy, it is regrettable that others hold only by memories of reading the book. Replacing recitatives by monologues of the characters, and therefore succession cases, tends to break the melody and flavor of literary phrasing. A blank drive version of the novel will surely be difficult to grasp the whole poetry that emerges from the original text. Hopefully reading this, however, makes him want to turn to the original. The fact remains that the exercise is interesting, especially the staging work by Marion Mousse. Was it necessary, it is another question.






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