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Original comic art 1 of L'ORDRE IMPAIR issue 4 Paris 1791 by Paul TENG

Original comic art 1 of L'ORDRE IMPAIR issue 4 Paris 1791 by Paul TENG

For Sale

600.00 Euros


After Antwerp, Seville and Rome, it was in Paris that strikes the Visio Veritatis, a demonic book by Mechtild of Arras in the thirteenth century. With an evocation of the plot that seems to have struck Louis XVI, also linked to the same work, it finally understands the link between this book, the novelist whose wife committed suicide after having acquired a copy and geostrategic events in India . This penultimate volume is one of the revelations. It became much needed after almost 150 characters presentation pages several times, in different places that nothing seemed to bind them. Meanwhile, many readers have given up along the way, despite an interesting frame in the background, tired of these round trips accompanied by a clumsy narrative. Too messy to be exciting, the story remains hampered by the many intrigues, especially the contemporary part [...]






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