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Arrived from Delhi, the capital of India, a man called Mowgli rented a house on the edge of the jungle with the intention of completing his life there. The forest is much smaller than formerly, but the air, the trees, the hills are still full of thousands of memories, cries of birds gone forever, calls of missing wolf brothers, rabies of a tiger vainly jealous ... For Mowgli, the jungle is all his childhood: the joys of frantic races in the midst of wolves, the sorrows we forget crying in the arms of a bear. The jungle is also the path of his adolescence, to the mad race of spring and this irresistible need to grow and leave. The jungle is what Mowgli must finally rediscover adult so that the world of men does not rob him of his innocence. And his illusions! For this aging man, who is less and less in a hurry to die, the memories go back to the happy past days. When it came to just learning, not yet paying for mistakes. The days when, for the first time, the man stood up against the evil tiger Shere Khan ...





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