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Original comic art from Le Manuscrit Interdit by Paolo GRELLA page 7

Original comic art from Le Manuscrit Interdit by Paolo GRELLA page 7

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670.00 Euros


In 1951, Egon Bauer, an American anthropologist, deepening his studies of sacred texts in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. He made a discovery that Jesus Christ, called in these writings Yus Asaf, would have remained in Tibet from the age of 17-30 years! What question the very principle of the resurrection; one of the foundations of Christianity! Quickly, Egon Bauer will be chased by the Chinese army (passing by?) and black men fiercely opposed to any new interpretation of the story of Christ. Originally published in 2007 under the name of "l'Ombre du temps", le manuscrit interdit, based on the screenplay by Roberto Dal Pra ', is based from a subversive theory: what if Jesus had spent 13 years of his life in Tibet ? While questioning the foundations of Christianity by the discovery of an ancient artifact is not a new idea. However, here the sensational clearly gives way to an investigation and an exciting historical adventure, a beautiful narrative mastery.






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