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Original comic page 22 from the IMPERATRICE ROUGE  by ADAMOV

Original comic page 22 from the IMPERATRICE ROUGE by ADAMOV

For Sale

470.00 Euros

DAKOTA original comic page 35

DAKOTA original comic page 35

For Sale

440.00 Euros


The Empress Catherine, queen of all the Russias, is only a commoner, everyone knows it ... But nobody can prove it! And she is far too proud to accept the idea of ??sharing power with her husband, the Emperor Peter. Between these two enemy husbands war is declared, each competing in cruelty and seeking to ally forces presumed indomitable. The fight in the corridors of the palace will soon spread over all the steppes! An imperial palace where gold replaces the stone and a red star fallen into the mud. Cossack horsemen emerging from the Middle Ages to seize a nuclear warhead. Such is the fantastic decorum of the Empress Rouge, a new series designed by Jean Dufaux and Philippe Adamov. Throughout the pages are science fiction and nostalgia, splendor and misery, creating a baroque opera where each character excels in madness! The precise line of Philippe Adamov extends the imagination of Jean Dufaux and offers us the first volume of what is already announced as a pinnacle of comics.






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