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Original page 39 of Les Naufragés du Temps issue 3 by Paul GILLON

Original page 39 of Les Naufragés du Temps issue 3 by Paul GILLON

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7,000.00 Euros


Les Naufrages du Temps' premise is that, in 1990, as Mankind is under attack from a plague, two people, Christopher Cavallieri and Valerie Haurele, are placed into individual hibernation capsules and sent into space. A thousand years later, Chris is brought back to life and helps the solar system to fight the Trasses, a collective intelligence made up from a race of alien, winged rats. In the process, Chris finds Valerie's capsule and reanimates her. However, during their thousand-year sleep, the two voyagers had kept idealized images of each other. They soon discover that their love cannot withstand the ravages of reality...






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